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Ferrier understood the aesthetic goals of our project and told me that he would design the dial. He also asked me to return to Geneva in one month. We settled on the dial featured in our Limited Edition Classic Origin. Ferrier and Amandine perrier created a design that was simply stunning. It has a two-tone dial, with a cream center and surrounded by printed sector tracks and Arabic markers.

Outside, the dial is silver. The central area is given circular brushing under indexes. It is then opaline beneath the minute track's chemin-de-fer. Seconds are at 6 o'clock, with a complete seconds track and four larger markers at the compass point. Ferrier's Assegai signature hands have been flame-blued. They contrast beautifully with the cream replica The watch was flawlessly executed. In the end, we sold out all 12 pieces in less than two hours after launching it. We are, of course, extremely grateful for the amazing response from our customers and readers. The story isn't complete.

omega seamaster replica's Classic Origin for Revolution and The Rake on the steel beads made of rice bracelet ((c),Revolution)

Ferrier actually had made a unique dial for another prototype in our collaborative project. We decided to go in a different, exciting direction. The salmon-colored, two-tone sector dial watch that you see here was made by Ferrier. It featured an opaline central section and a brushed area around its perimeter. This watch is much closer to Aurel Bacs's design. It has the Arabic Numerals inside the sector chapter ring, and also features a omission of the small seconds indicator.Rolex Datejust Replica It is the epitome discrete elegance. The stunning, salmon-colored dial (or in omega seamaster replica's words, Automn) makes it one of my favorite watches.

There was a choice between Ferrier's new Classic Origin's LF116.01 manual winds movement and Ferrier's old Classic Origin's LF116.01. Or his micro rotor movement Calibre FBN229.01. We decided to make two prototypes. A steel watch with a silver-sector dial and small seconds in the Classic Origin manual winds configuration.

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