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A second prototype was made with a salmon sector dial, in a simple two-hand configuration, but with an automatic micro rotor movement. Ferrier and me both adored the second salmon dial watch. We couldn't launch it as a series,Fake Cartier watches because the design iconography was too similar to that of the Phillips watch. The Classic Origin manual windwatch prototype is in my personal collection. omega speedmaster replica and I decided to make this super-cool omega speedmaster replica Steel Galet Microrotor Salmon Dial Revolution (1-of-1), in celebration of the Revolution Watch Bar's opening in Singapore.

omega speedmaster replica Steel Galet Microrotor Salmon Dial (1-of-1) is made in steel and measures in at 40mm ((c).Revolution).

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omega speedmaster replica Steel Galet Micro-Rotor SalmonDial (1-of-1) has a salmon-colored dial with a brushed finish around the perimeter ((c)Revolution).

Here's what you need know about the Micro-Rotor movement. The Classic Micro-Rotor was launched in 2012. It featured an automatic calibre wound with a small fan-shaped, mounted mass on a high-polished bridge. Abraham-Louis Breguet, the famous watchmaker, had hidden a escapement in its depths. Ferrier says, "Once people began to notice the Tourbillon Double Spiral they started to approach me to ask me, 'We love our style of watchmaking, but is it possible for us to make something more affordable in price?' This was important for Christian Laurent, Christian's son and technical chief, because we wanted people who love our watches to have them and be able to wear them. We began to talk about an automatic watch that was simpler.

Mirror-polished bridge of FBN 229.01 mirco rotation, designed to look similar to the bridges used in tourbillons in classic watchmaking ( ).

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